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Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets – ONLY $250 and NO COURT!

Free Phone Consultation (248) 408-7679

Got a Traffic Ticket?

ONLY $250* and you DO NOT have to go to Court – We will handle it for you!!

You do not have to miss work or school AND you will SAVE time, points, fines and insurance increases**!

Kathryn Simmons has over 25 years of experience fighting traffic tickets and criminal offenses.

Call 248-408-7679 and Kathryn will handle the entire process for you.

Kathryn is a mobile attorney and will meet where it is convenient for you – that could be a restaurant near where you work, live or go to school. Get help fighting traffic tickets today.

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* $250 for uncontested traffic tickets only; $500 for contested traffic tickets and you must attend court hearing; does not include court-imposed fines.

** Insurance companies generally consider driving points for three years in determining your rates and premiums!

Immediately after court,

Kathryn will call you with the result and further instructions on any fines to be paid. Fines generally range between $120 and $180 and some courts allow fines to be paid online. Some traffic offenses are misdemeanors which can carry jail time or probation in addition to points, fines and possible license suspension. These include Drunk Driving, Reckless Driving, Driving With a Suspended License, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Expired License Plate, Expired Driver’s License and No Insurance. These offenses are not merely traffic violations and require you to appear in court with Kathryn. Call Kathryn at 248-408-7679 for more information on these offenses.

To fight driving violations in Michigan, call now. You do not have to accept civil fines or misdemeanor penalties. If you have been charged with a traffic civil infraction, misdemeanor or felony driving offense, you want an aggressive defense attorney. Whichever the level of charges you face, it is possible to minimize fines, reduce jail or prison time, and protect your driver’s license.